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Quality Leadership and Proven Results for all of Matthews

James P. Taylor
Matthews Town Council !

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Thanks for helping re-elect Commissioner Taylor five times to the Matthews Board.  Please help us return Commissioner Taylor to office so that he can continue to keep Matthews the wonderful town we all love to call home. 

Update:  Matthews, NC,  September 2007:

The Erickson Retirement Community rezoning petition, 514, has caused a lot of concern in certain areas of Matthews.  Commissioner Taylor has addressed questions regarding the vote on August 27th in his questions area within this website.  Please see his detailed response on the "What's Going On" page.  Commissioner Taylor has always been open and honest and he has gone to great lenghts to make sure every interested citizen knows all the facts around this and every vote and why this one went the way it did.  Commissioner Taylor always has the best interest of the Town of Matthews at heart and there is no doubt that he is one of the most informed level headed and influential members of our Board.  If you have any concerns about the Erickson decision or any other issue, Commissioner Taylor would welcome your call or email.  Commissioner Taylor is always available and willing to discuss any issue of concern.  His cell number is 704-578-6754.  How many other elected officials would give you their cell phone number?

We need Commissioner Taylor:

Commissioner James P. Taylor is seeking re-election to his 6th term on the Matthews Board and has been a proven leader for our Town. He has protected our neighborhoods from over development and stood his ground on issues of zoning. Commissioner Taylor always has the towns interest at heart and he works hard to make sure we protect this great community.  Jim has also been extremely valuable during the budget process and helped keep the level of services high, while keeping the tax rate low. Jim Taylor is always available to answer questions and address citizens about any issues concerning Matthews. Jim is very approachable and takes the time to listen to the citizens of Matthews. Jim has also played a valuable part in talks with the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County concerning the citizens of Matthews. Jim is very involved in the Town, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Matthews HELP Center and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Matthews Volunteer Fire Department. Jim is a true asset to our community and we need to return him to office so that he may continue his efforts on our behalf.

Commissioner Taylor has demonstrated his ability to work well with State and Local Elected Officials, Town Citizens and Local Merchants. Commissioner Taylor sees no place for partisanship and personal agendas when it comes to the concerns of Matthews. Commissioner Taylor has and will continue to work well with all interested parties to do what is right for the Town of Matthews.

Commissioner Taylor has been fully endorsed by State Senator Bob Rucho; current State Representative Jim Gulley; Mayor Lee Myers; Former Mayor Pro-Tem Martha Krauss; Former Commissioner Karina Glass; Former Commissioner George Fossett; Former Commissioner Paul Bailey.  Local Matthews merchants endorsing Commissioner Taylor include: Grady Cole, Chuck Bennett and Connie Kleinberg. In addition to the names listed above, Commissioner Taylor has the continued support of many Matthews citizens that call this great town "HOME". The main reason Commissioner Taylor has so much support is that he truly understands his role and that he works for every citizen of Matthews. Help keep your government strong... return Commissioner James P. Taylor to the Matthews Town Council.


James P. Taylor
The experienced Candidate with the courage to do what is right for ALL the residents of Matthews.

***** Integrity
***** Vision
***** Leadership
***** Independence

Others Promise - Commissioner Taylor Delivers!
Remember to vote for Taylor for Matthews on November 3rd, 2009.


704-845-1864 Home Phone

E-Mail Commissioner Taylor

Let's Keep a good thing going.....Re-elect
James P. Taylor
Matthews Town Council

see the Septemebr 20, 2000 edition to see the entire listing of that years winners

A candidate forum will be scheduled in October at the Levine Senior Center, please plan to come ask questions and hear Jim's position on issues of concern in and around Matthews..


Thank you Matthews for you support over the years
Remember to vote... and remember to:
**** Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2007 ****

See the "What's Going On in Matthews" page for Jim's answers to questions from the Matthews community

If you would be interested in helping Jim and the committee to re-elect him to the Matthews, NC Town Board of Commissioners, please e-mail the Campaign Headquarters with your name and phone number. Financial contributions are appreciated but word of mouth is even more valuable. In addition, if you would be willing to display a "Taylor Sign" we can have one delivered shortly. Thank you for your support.... let's get Jim re-elected so that he can continue to work dilligently for our town.

E-Mail the Public Relations Dept.

Financial contributions can be made payable to:
The Committee to Re-elect James P. Taylor
C/O Treasurer
2709 Kirkholm Drive
Matthews, North Carolina, 28105.

E-Mail the Financial Treasurer

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